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Volunteer Highlight: Yinieri

With only 15 years old, Yineiri is one of our volunteers from the Callejon de la Loma:

“My friend Daisy invited me to a workshop for the Cabarete Sostenible Questionnaire. I joined the polls team because I like to learn new things and help people. I am also very interested in the gardening.

Thank you for volunteering with us Yineiri!

So how do you get involved & what’s in it for you?

1.Volunteer and get trained with hands-on experience in sustainable agriculture and emergency food relief

2. Volunteer to train others in your field of professional expertise

3. Volunteers receive:

a. A professional letter of recommendation for their career and CV reference (25 hour minimum)

b. Vulnerable members of the community volunteering with CS get priority access to the harvest of the community garden and food relief program.

c. Priority access to entrepreneurship and free educational opportunities.

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