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Donate and Make a Difference:
100% of your donation brings
sustainable food to people in need
in Cabarete.

Cabarete Sostenible thrives to become a sustainable organization within a few years. Yet, for the time being, we need all the financial help we can get to provide for capital and cash flow in the following areas:


Food Aid

Cabarete Sostenible's Food Aid Program helps supplement the diets of hundreds of residents suffering from food insecurity by providing monthly food packages straight to their door. read more...

Thanks to our efforts and partners, $5 USD feeds one person for one week in Cabarete.


Civic Agriculture

We run Civic Agriculture education for both adults and children: workshops, and group projects ranging from introduction to permaculture, how to germinate seeds, finding seeds in your supermarket goods, how to create an herb spiral, introduction to and set up of composting and how to create a banana circle, and much more. 



Community Farm

The Cabarete Sostenible community farm is a 30 acres piece of land that we are developing with volunteers and community leaders. Yet we need significant investments to purchase equipment, build sustainable buildings, pay a decent stipends to farm workers and so on. Thanks to the Community Farm we aim to produce enough food in the next few years to completely eradicate food insecurity. read more...

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