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Volunteer Highlight: Yeo Trinidad

We want to highlight a volunteer who inspires us every day, a man of few words, not necessarily shy, but a lot of action. Yeo Trinidad is one of our volunteers and leaders from La Cienega de Cabarete.

He came to us through an internship funded by a private donor of InspireDR. He quickly became active with our questionnaire team, food aid programs, and at El Jardín Comunitario. He finished his internship a while ago, but Yeo is still participating in his spare time.

In his own words:

“After this pandemic, the people have been affected; there are no sources of employment. I like distributing food and helping identify families in need. I always meet different people.”

Recently, Yeo took us to the Iglesia Séptimo Tercer Refugio, where his family has taken in more than 20 homeless children and youth. We brought them some donations of food and helped prepare lunch in their outdoor kitchen.

Thanks to Eco Maisha for their donation of cherry tomatoes and eggplants and to the Mariposa DR Foundation for donating more than 50 reusable bags that we use to bring food to people in need.

Thank you for volunteering with us Yeo!

Join us, sign up to volunteer here.

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