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Celebrating a Year of Impact: Cabarete Sostenible's Annual Report (March 2022–March 2023)

As we reflect on the past year, Cabarete Sostenible is thrilled to share the remarkable achievements and milestones that have shaped our journey towards creating a resilient community in Cabarete. From impactful food aid initiatives to transformative agricultural projects, here's a summary of our key activities and accomplishments. Read the full report, along with the previous years, on our Annual Reports page.

Food Aid Program

Distribution and Community Involvement:

- Executed ten food aid distributions, providing 1,000 food packages throughout Cabarete neighborhoods.

- Adapted the questionnaire to post-COVID circumstances and successfully recruited and trained a team of 10 new volunteers.

- Engaged 209 volunteers, with 14.3% receiving food packages, fostering community participation.

Targeted Support:

- Allocated 40.5% of rations to senior citizens, 25% to unemployed individuals, and 13.5% to disabled individuals.

- Supported single-parent households (11.7%) and households with numerous children (9.5%).


Demographic Insights:

- Surveyed 116 households, identifying 73 families in urgent need of aid.

- Enhanced the questionnaire, prioritizing aid delivery to vulnerable groups.

Community Garden: El Jardín Comunitario

Organic and Permaculture Practices:

- Implemented an on-site composting system, reducing environmental impact.

- Harvested diverse produce for the Food Aid Program and fundraising events.

Educational Workshops and Farmers Markets:

- Hosted workshops on mushroom growing, ancestral higuero, and permaculture principles.

- Weekly farmers markets showcased the bountiful harvests.

Harvest Highlights (2022–2023):

- Tomatoes: 40 pounds

- Spinach: 17.37 pounds

- Bananas: 117 units

- Guava: 19.759 pounds

La Finca Comunitaria

Syntropic Agriculture Workshop:

- Collaborated with Mauro Rosito to host a workshop with 24 participants.

- Planted diverse crops using syntropic agriculture techniques.

Apprenticeship Program:

- Introduced a paid year-long internship for sustainable agriculture enthusiasts.

- Successfully launched the School Reforestation Program in collaboration with ISLA Academy.

Harvests from La Finca:

- Avocados: 198 units

- Sour Oranges: 235 units

- Black Beans: 6 pounds

- Guava: 20 pounds

Challenges and Unity

Community Gathering (April 4, 2023):

- Faced conflict with local administration, temporarily halting activities at La Finca.

- Engaged in a community gathering, strengthening bonds and fostering unity.

As we navigate challenges and celebrate successes, Cabarete Sostenible remains dedicated to a Cabarete where no one goes hungry. We extend our gratitude to our supporters, volunteers, and partners who make our mission possible. Together, we continue to grow, learn, and create positive change in Cabarete.

This is a summary with key highlights, head over to our Annual Reports page for the full details and financial transparency.

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