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Cabarete Sostenible's Vegetarian Comedor Opens on December 12th!

Updated: Feb 12

Cabarete Sostenible proudly introduces its latest addition to the community kitchen – a Vegetarian Eatery with a unique twist on traditional Dominican cuisine! Opening its doors on December 12th, this green haven promises a delightful experience for all food enthusiasts.

Background on La Cocina Comunitaria:

Nestled in the heart of Cabarete's second-largest neighborhood, La Cocina Comunitaria serves as the epicenter for community-driven initiatives. From hosting a thriving community garden to facilitating beach almond processing workshops, La Cocina is the heartbeat of Cabarete Sostenible's food sovereignty projects.

This dynamic space not only conducts nutrition talks and cooking workshops but also transforms excess harvests into delectable by-products like pickled hot peppers, radishes, tomato sauce, nut butters etc. La Cocina also acts as the meeting point for volunteer-led programs, including the renowned Food Aid Program and Questionnaire.

Now, adding to its vibrant offerings, La Cocina is set to unveil its own vegetarian restaurant on December 12th, 2023.

What to Expect:

Drawing inspiration from the beloved Dominican "comedores," our Vegetarian Eatery invites patrons to craft their own lunch plate from a daily array of options. Picture choosing from 3 grain options, 2 legumes, 2 vegetables, and a refreshing daily green salad.

At La Cocina:

- No bouillon cubes or artificial seasonings; only a homemade spice blend

- No soybean or corn oils

- Everything made from scratch, with a focus on ingredients sourced from the community garden and community farm

The menu at La Cocina boasts a fusion of deliciousness and nutrition, paying homage to our cultural heritage. With prices tailored to suit the average Dominican household,this eatery is accessible as are all comedores in the country.

A Social Business Model:

La Cocina is an example of  social entrepreneurship, with all proceeds contributing to the community programming of Cabarete Sostenible. This is food sovereignty in action – a celebration and support of native cuisine, utilizing local resources, and championing local farmers.

As La Cocina Comunitaria expands its offerings, the Comedor Vegetariano promises not just an eating experience but a celebration of sustainability, community, and Dominican flavors. Mark your calendars for December 12th and join us in savoring the essence of Cabarete Sostenible's culinary innovation!

Open for lunch: Tuesday through Saturday

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

La Cocina Comunitaria is located in the Callejón de la Loma, Cabarete Puerto Plata

Menu below:

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