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A revolution in Action

Cabarete Sostenible is not a charity. We are not saviors, and we wish to move away from unsustainable systems that rely on donations-only to fund our community projects. Our Social Entrepreneurship program aims to be an incubator for local talent by using social business models to provide resources, education, guidance, and support to homegrown leaders in developing micro-enterprises that address a gap in Dominican society. 

Community Kitchen
Cocina Comunitaria

The Cocina Comunitaria, or community kitchen, in the heart of the second-largest neighborhood of Cabarete, hosts a plant nursery, a beach almond processing workshop, and serves as the base camp for the development of all of our food sovereignty projects.


Cabarete Sostenible utilizes the kitchen to lead nutrition talks, cooking workshops and to produce by-products of excess harvests from the garden and farm.


La Cocina is also the meeting point for our volunteer-led initiatives such as the Food Aid Program and Questionnaire.



The town of Cabarete was built on a reputation as a wind, waves, and adventure sports destination. Recently named “Surf and Wind City “by the Dominican Government, Cabarete abounds with schools for anyone looking to kitesurf, surf, windsurf, and paddleboard among others. Yoga studios, massage and spa centers, outdoor and indoor fitness and even circus arts compete for the attention of the prized tourist. Yet, this abundance has not and does not reach the average Dominican resident, as it is overpriced for them. 


Wellness in Cabarete is an illusion for the local population, targeting outsiders and at times, excluding residents through classes only taught in English, and/or overpriced sessions.


The Cabarete Sostenible Community Wellness Program aims to offer these services to the local population, to create true cultural equity. In collaboration with Academia de la Costa, donation based and/or free programs are offered to bring wellness to the streets and to the community at large. All communications will be developed at a grassroots level that is inclusive in language, course curriculum and meets the target demographic exactly where they are.  


Are you a yoga instructor, fitness instructor, nutritionist and/or massage therapist? 


Cabarete Sostenible is looking for experts in the wellness industry interested in serving the communities of the North Coast. Please contact us to volunteer.

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