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Syntropic Agriculture Course at the Cabarete Sostenible Community Farm

Over 800 seeds and seedlings were planted at the Community Farm during the Syntropic Agriculture workshop with Mauro Rosito this past December 2021.

25 students from around the island ( 6 on a full scholarship and 5 on a partial scholarship!) joined us for a weekend dive into sustainable methods of combining the ancient knowledge of nature's ecosystems to grow food AND reforest depleted soil.

We learned, practiced, questioned and practiced again so much during these lessons. Our gracious instructor, Mauro Rosito hails from Brazil, where he runs Sitio ARVOR(e)SER, a farm focused on teaching and developing agroforestry.

Did you know that the Community Farm of Cabarete Sostenible is located in the Monumento Natural Lagunas Cabarete y Goleta? Cabarete Sostenible will continue the efforts to promote reciprocity through reforestation and food sovereignty of this land.

Join us, sign up to volunteer here.

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