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Volunteer Highlight: Lucia Nuñez

“From a young age, I like to do social work wherever I am living at that moment. I believe in human beings. I believe that we have hope to move forward and as long as we continue to find those who are willing to help the more we see that hope for life. I fight for life. I have dedicated my time to conserve the environment, to a better food distribution and most importantly maintaining our planet clean.” - Lucia Nuñez

If you live in Callejón de la Loma or have walked along its main street, may have met Mrs Lucia. A loving, yet firm character, who spends most of her time collecting garbage, planting in abandoned lots and hanging sacks as temporary waste containers.

At 72, Lucia inspires us with her loving lectures—don’t you dare throw garbage on the street in her presence—and her availability to contribute to our monthly food distribution and knowledge to the Community Garden.

Join us, sign up to volunteer here.

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